Trial Continues for Suspect in Norfolk Shooting that Left Three Dead and Two Injured

The trial of Ziontay Palmer, the suspect in the Norfolk shooting that resulted in the deaths of three women and the injury of two others, continued on its second day in Norfolk Circuit Court. Angel LeGrande, one of the survivors, testified that Palmer shot her and her mother, Nicole Lovewine, along with their neighbor, Sarah Costine. LeGrande, who was pregnant with Palmer’s child at the time, recounted a confrontation that occurred the day before the shooting, where she expressed her desire for Palmer to not be involved in their child’s life. The trial is expected to conclude by the end of the week.

Security measures have been heightened during the trial, with sheriff’s deputies escorting witnesses and spectators being required to remain in the courtroom until jurors and witnesses have safely left the building.

During her testimony, LeGrande identified Palmer as the gunman, as did the other survivor, Shazelle Dixon. Dixon described the events leading up to the shooting, stating that she witnessed Palmer shoot Costine after a brief exchange. Dixon pleaded with Palmer, stating that she had no involvement in the situation, but he proceeded to shoot her as well.

Fifteen-year-old Malachi Costine, the son of Sarah Costine, also testified, recalling the moment he heard the gunshots while playing on a trampoline. He rushed inside and later discovered his mother lying on the ground.

Medical examiner testimony revealed that Sarah Costine died from a single gunshot to her left side, while Lovewine and Brown suffered fatal gunshot wounds to their heads and torsos, respectively.

LeGrande admitted to maintaining contact with Palmer after his arrest, stating that she sought answers and tried to understand the motive behind the shooting. A video chat between LeGrande and Palmer while he was in jail was played in court, where Palmer expressed remorse and acknowledged his wrongdoing without explicitly admitting to the shooting.

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