Trevor Bauer and Accuser Settle Civil Lawsuits Without Financial Compensation

Trevor Bauer and Accuser Settle Civil Lawsuits Without Financial Compensation

Former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer and Lindsey Hill, the San Diego woman who accused him of sexual assault, have reached a settlement in their respective civil lawsuits. The settlement does not involve any monetary payment from either party. Bauer had been suspended by Major League Baseball (MLB) for violating its policy against sexual assault and domestic violence following an investigation triggered by Hill’s allegations in 2021. In response, Bauer filed a defamation lawsuit against Hill, who countersued for assault and sexual battery.

Under the terms of the settlement, both parties have withdrawn their lawsuits. Hill will receive a $300,000 payment from her insurer, which will be sent to her law firm. The trial, initially scheduled for February, will no longer proceed. Hill’s attorneys had been unable to access MLB investigatory documents, and another woman who made similar allegations against Bauer declined to be deposed in Hill’s suit.

Bauer’s attorneys had requested a mental health examination for Hill, but a hearing on the matter was canceled due to the settlement. Bauer stated in a video statement that he had incurred significant legal fees throughout the process and had refused to pay Hill any money. On the other hand, Hill’s attorneys stated that Bauer and his representatives were not involved in the payment agreement and had not offered any money to resolve her claims.

Bauer had also filed defamation suits against five other parties, all of which have been resolved without any payment to him. The Los Angeles Dodgers released Bauer in January 2022, paying him the $22.5 million owed for the season. MLB suspended him for 194 games, later reduced from the initial two-year suspension. Bauer remains involved in litigation against an Arizona woman who agreed to provide a deposition for Hill’s attorneys. He is currently playing in Japan.

The settlement brings an end to the legal proceedings between Bauer and Hill. Bauer expressed his desire to focus on his career and entertaining fans, hoping that this would be the last time he has to defend his integrity and reputation in a public setting.

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