Transgender Harvard Law Instructor CC’d on Bomb Threat Emails in Ongoing FBI Investigation

Transgender Harvard Law Instructor CC’d on Bomb Threat Emails in Ongoing FBI Investigation

A transgender Harvard Law instructor, Alejandra Caraballo, has been caught up in an FBI investigation into a series of bomb threats sent via email. Caraballo, known for her online LGBT advocacy, has been cc’d on at least 35 emails containing bomb threats since February of this year. The threats have targeted various individuals, businesses, and schools nationwide, causing disruptions and evacuations.

Caraballo received an email on August 22 directly threatening Kirby Mackenzie, a librarian who had posted a satirical video about “woke ideology” on social media. Subsequent emails on August 24 and 28 threatened multiple schools and addresses in Tulsa, claiming the placement of homemade bombs. Caraballo has been forwarding these emails to the FBI but expressed frustration at the lack of action being taken. She believes one person or a small group may be behind the bomb threats, citing similarities in language and spelling mistakes across the emails.

Caraballo maintains a popular Twitter account where she documents anti-LGBT rhetoric and far-right extremism. In December 2022, she shared a thread suggesting a connection between posts by a social media account called Libs of TikTok and a series of bomb threats, including those against Boston Children’s Hospital. Caraballo speculates that this may be why she is being included in the emails. She suspects the perpetrator(s) may be operating on a platform like Discord and does not rule out the possibility of foreign involvement.

The first threatening email Caraballo noticed was received on February 21, targeting a school district in Lincoln County, Maine. The email mentioned the placement of bombs and demanded accountability for alleged misconduct at Great Salt Bay Community School. Caraballo also discovered another bomb threat email on February 17, which targeted a Maryland House Democratic delegate, Pamela Queen, who had proposed a bill related to firearm tracking technology.

Caraballo emphasizes that these bomb threats, even though not carried out, can still traumatize individuals. She urges authorities to take the matter seriously and apprehend the responsible party or parties.

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