Tragic Shooting Mars Chiefs’ Super Bowl Parade, Kelce and Swift Donate Generously

In a shocking turn of events, the celebratory atmosphere of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade was shattered by a mass shooting, leaving one person dead and 22 injured. Travis Kelce, the Chiefs’ tight end, expressed his deep sorrow over the tragedy, emphasizing the significance of the city where he has spent his entire NFL career. In a heartfelt gesture, Kelce donated $100,000 to support the recovery of the Reyes family, whose two young daughters were among those injured in the shooting.

According to reports, Erika Reyes, the mother of the injured girls, is the cousin of Lisa Lopez-Galvan, who tragically lost her life in the shooting. The daughters underwent surgery and are expected to be in casts for several months, as stated by the family. While Kelce’s donation was not listed on the GoFundMe page created for the Reyes family, the fundraiser had already surpassed its goal, accumulating over $177,000 in donations.

Notably, pop star Taylor Swift, who is in a relationship with Kelce, also contributed $100,000 to a separate GoFundMe page established in memory of Lopez-Galvan. Swift expressed her deepest sympathies and condolences, signing her messages with love. Additionally, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his wife, Brittany, visited the Reyes daughters at Children’s Mercy Hospital, demonstrating their support during this difficult time.

The Super Bowl parade, initially intended as a joyous celebration following the Chiefs’ third title in five years, quickly turned into a harrowing ordeal when gunshots rang out near Union Station. Spectators were forced to flee the scene in a panic, seeking safety from the sudden violence. Chiefs offensive lineman Trey Smith recounted the urgency with which security guards ushered them to safety, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

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