Tragic Events Unfold Following Astrology Influencer’s Disturbing Online Posts

In a series of tragic events, Danielle Johnson, known online as astrology influencer and “divine healer” Danielle Ayoka, left a trail of devastation in Woodland Hills, California. The incident occurred in the early morning hours before a partial solar eclipse, raising questions about a potential connection between the astronomical event and the killings.

Johnson’s partner, Jaelen Allen Chaney, was found stabbed to death in their apartment’s kitchen at the Woodland Hills Montecito Apartments complex. Additionally, their 8-month-old baby tragically lost their life after being pushed from Johnson’s moving Porsche Cayenne on the 405 freeway. Johnson herself met her demise after crashing her car on Pacific Coast Highway in Redondo Beach.

Law enforcement sources have confirmed that Ayoka and Johnson are the same person, making her the prime suspect in the two deaths. The LAPD has not disclosed a motive for the killings, emphasizing that the investigation is ongoing. Lt. Guy Golan, homicide supervisor for the LAPD Valley Bureau, stated that there were no prior indications of domestic violence or calls to the police regarding the couple.

Investigators have noted that Johnson’s disturbing online posts in the days leading up to the eclipse may have played a role in the tragic events. Under the Ayoka moniker, she shared antisemitic content, conspiracy theories, and alarming warnings. Eclipses have often been associated with unfounded conspiracies and prophecies of impending doom, despite NASA’s efforts to debunk such claims.

Despite her controversial posts, Johnson had a significant online following, with over 100,000 followers on X who engaged with her increasingly concerning messages. She gained media attention in the past, with various outlets praising her skills as a “clairvoyant” and her ability to guide followers through moon rituals and zodiac readings.

The morning of the killings, Johnson allegedly stabbed Chaney in the heart while he was on the couch. Evidence suggests she attempted to remove his body from the apartment but ultimately abandoned the effort, leaving bloody footprints in the corridor. She then fled the scene with her two daughters, one of whom survived after being pushed out of the moving car, while the 8-month-old tragically lost their life.

Shortly after, Johnson’s car crashed into a tree on Pacific Coast Highway, resulting in her death. The identification process was challenging due to the severity of her injuries. Two hours later, police discovered Chaney’s lifeless body in the apartment after a neighbor reported the incident.

Author: CrimeDoor

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