Tourist Assaulted by Deranged Woman in New York City Pet Store

A tourist visiting from Texas was viciously assaulted by a deranged woman inside a pet store in New York City over the weekend. The incident, captured on shocking footage and reported to the authorities, occurred at Citipups in Chelsea on Saturday afternoon. The victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, suffered a bloody nose as a result of the unprovoked attack.

Store manager Emilio Ortiz provided video evidence of the incident, which shows the suspect initially causing trouble by kicking puppy kennels. When confronted by an employee, she was directed to leave the premises. As she made her way towards the exit, she suddenly turned and slapped the tourist on the side of her face. The video also captured the suspect spitting in the direction of the victim.

Ortiz described the assault as severe, stating, “As she’s walking out, she slaps the s–t out of this lady. Like, she slaps her really freaking hard.” The store manager further revealed that the suspect had attempted to slap his phone out of his hand when he was recording the incident. She also threw an item from the counter onto the floor before carrying out the assault on the tourist.

The victim, who was on her first day in New York City, was left distraught and bleeding from her nose. She promptly filed a police report for assault, and the NYPD is currently investigating the incident. As of now, no arrest has been made.

Ortiz expressed his concern over the lax bail laws in New York, suggesting that the suspect might be released soon if apprehended. He believes the assailant may have been experiencing a manic episode or some other form of mental distress during the unsettling incident.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. I can’t believe something similar happened to me when I was visiting New York City a few years ago. I was exploring the city and decided to visit a popular pet store in the heart of Manhattan. As I was browsing through the aisles, I noticed a woman acting strangely nearby.

    She seemed agitated and was muttering to herself, but I didn’t think much of it at first. However, as I got closer to her, she suddenly lunged at me, screaming and swinging her arms

  2. Wow, this is a shocking incident that highlights the importance of safety awareness for tourists. It’s commendable that you reported on this incident to raise awareness about the potential risks visitors may face in unfamiliar places. However, it would be helpful to include some tips or advice on how tourists can stay safe while exploring new cities. This would provide a more well-rounded perspective and offer practical solutions for readers. Keep up the good work!

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