Top Aide to Mayor Eric Adams Accused of Sexual Harassment in Lawsuit

Top Aide to Mayor Eric Adams Accused of Sexual Harassment in Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed against Timothy Pearson, a senior advisor to Mayor Eric Adams, accusing him of engaging in a pattern of sexual harassment and sabotaging the career of an NYPD sergeant who rejected his advances. The lawsuit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, alleges that Pearson’s inappropriate behavior included cornering the sergeant, Roxanne Ludemann, in a copy room during an office party and rubbing her shoulders. Ludemann claims that Pearson’s actions led to her being passed over for promotion multiple times and eventually facing bogus disciplinary charges in retaliation for her complaints.

According to the lawsuit, Ludemann was forced to retire from the NYPD in January 2024 due to the severe abuse, lack of promotional opportunities, harassment, lack of overtime, disparate treatment, and retaliation she faced. Her attorney, John Scola, stated that if Ludemann had acquiesced to Pearson’s advances, she would have been promoted. The NYPD has declined to comment on the litigation, emphasizing its commitment to a respectful work environment and non-tolerance of discrimination or sexual harassment.

Scola alleges that both the NYPD and City Hall were aware of Pearson’s sexual harassment for over a year but failed to take action. He claims that Pearson used his power within the NYPD to ruin Ludemann’s career after she refused his advances. A spokesperson for City Hall stated that they would review the lawsuit and respond in court.

Ludemann’s lawsuit seeks compensatory, emotional distress, and punitive damages against Pearson, the city, its Economic Development Corporation (EDC), and NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey. The suit alleges that Ludemann lost over $2 million in income due to the discriminatory and retaliatory actions.

The lawsuit details Pearson’s reputation for asking women uncomfortable, sexually-driven questions and engaging in inappropriate touching. It also claims that Ludemann believed she would have to have sex with Pearson to secure a promotion she had been seeking. The suit further alleges that Ludemann’s boss, Chief Marmara, got into a battle with Pearson over his conduct but ultimately decided not to file a formal complaint. However, Marmara ordered that Pearson should not be left alone with any woman on the team.

The retaliation against Ludemann allegedly began after Pearson torpedoed several promotions for her and got into an argument with Chief Marmara. Marmara eventually left the office, and Ludemann was demoted, effectively ending her career with the NYPD. The department’s internal affairs division launched an investigation into Ludemann, and she was charged with behavior unbecoming to a supervisor and failure to follow instructions. She filed for retirement in December and left the NYPD on January 31.

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  1. This is a very important post shedding light on a serious issue of sexual harassment and abuse of power. It’s crucial to expose such behavior and hold individuals accountable for their actions. Thank you for bringing attention to this lawsuit and raising awareness about the need for a safe and respectful work environment.

  2. It is deeply disheartening to hear about yet another case of sexual harassment and abuse of power. It is essential that individuals in positions of authority, such as Timothy Pearson, are held accountable for their actions. It takes immense courage for victims to come forward and file lawsuits, and their voices should be heard and respected. It is crucial for organizations and institutions to create a safe and supportive environment for victims to report such incidents without fear of retaliation. This case highlights the urgent need for comprehensive training and strict

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