Three Arrested in Connection with June Shooting and Car Crashes in San Francisco

Three Arrested in Connection with June Shooting and Car Crashes in San Francisco

Three individuals have been arrested in connection with a shooting incident that occurred in June in San Francisco, resulting in multiple car crashes. The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) apprehended the three occupants of one of the cars, who were already suspected of being part of an “auto burglary crew.” One of the suspects is a minor. Prior to being identified as a suspect in the June shooting, one of the occupants was already in custody at the Santa Rita jail on unrelated charges.

Following the issuance of an arrest warrant, SFPD conducted search warrants in four Bay Area counties, where they discovered multiple weapons, including 13 handguns, four assault-style rifles, and a significant amount of ammunition.

The arrests stem from a car chase involving gunfire that took place earlier this year. On June 18, around 7 p.m., SFPD received reports of individuals shooting at each other from their vehicles while driving east on Beach Street. As the shooting continued, three unrelated cars were struck by crossfire near Beach and Stockton streets. A 48-year-old man sustained non-life-threatening injuries from broken glass and was transported to a local hospital.

The two cars containing the suspects then proceeded south on the Embarcadero, where they struck two pedestrians crossing the street. The pedestrians, aged 16 and 10, sustained non-life-threatening injuries. One of the suspects’ vehicles crashed, while the other fled the scene. The occupants of the crashed car, a 28-year-old woman and a 33-year-old man, were both shot during the chase and transported to a local hospital. The woman’s injuries were non-life-threatening, while the man’s injuries were life-threatening. The man was initially arrested but later released as the investigation continued.

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