Thirteen Arrested in Connection with Deadly Shooting in Pittsburg

Thirteen Arrested in Connection with Deadly Shooting in Pittsburg

Thirteen members and associates of a small Pittsburg gang have been arrested following a deadly, ambush-style shooting that took place on July 14. The shooting, allegedly involving four members of the gang, resulted in the death of 24-year-old Trevon Richardson. The Pittsburg Police Department launched a large-scale investigation into the Midtown gang, leading to the arrest of nine murder or accessory suspects. Additionally, four others were arrested on unrelated offenses, including drug and gun possession.

Among the suspects charged with murder, two are juveniles whose names have not been released. One suspect, 19-year-old Amen Allen, remains a fugitive, and the police are urging anyone with information about his whereabouts to come forward. The adults facing murder charges are Deavion Young, Larry Lee Major III, Christopher Perez, all 19 years old, and Marcolino Ortega, 18. Joseph Ramey, 20, and Melissa Ramey, 37, face accessory charges. Young and Major also face conspiracy charges, according to court records.

Bail for each of the murder suspects has been set at $5 million. The shooting occurred at the Lido Square Apartment Complex on Crestview Drive in Pittsburg. Authorities believe that four shooters intended to target a man who was with Richardson. Allegedly, Amen Allen spotted the intended victim during a barbecue at the apartment complex and alerted fellow Midtown members. The gang members then changed clothes, wore ski masks, and armed themselves in preparation for the shooting.

Richardson and his friend were leaving a parking space at the apartment complex when the four assailants opened fire. Richardson was shot in the head and died instantly, while his friend sustained three gunshot wounds but survived. The Midtown gang, primarily composed of young men, is based at the Lido Square apartments. The gang has been linked to other homicides in the past.

The Pittsburg Police Department is urging anyone with information about this case or Amen Allen’s whereabouts to contact Detective Miguel Gutierrez at 925-252-4095 or the Pittsburg Police Department’s Tip Line at 925-252-4040.


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