Thieves Utilize Camouflaged Cameras in Alarming “Burglary Tourism” Trend

Thieves Utilize Camouflaged Cameras in Alarming “Burglary Tourism” Trend

Thieves in California have adopted a disturbing trend known as “burglary tourism,” employing deceptively concealed hidden cameras to survey homes for potential robberies. The latest incident occurred in Alhambra, a city located outside Los Angeles, where vigilant residents discovered a small camera cleverly disguised with leaves and concealed within the bushes near a house. The Alhambra Police Department shared the disconcerting discovery on their Facebook page, revealing that the camera was pointed towards the victim’s home. Additionally, the victim’s alarm company had previously alerted them to an attempted break-in through the kitchen window earlier that day.

This incident is not an isolated occurrence, as similar devices have been found in the past. In May, authorities in Glendale apprehended four individuals of Colombian nationality who were allegedly involved in “burglary tourism” schemes utilizing camouflaged cameras, as reported by KTLA-TV. The police apprehended the group after noticing their vehicle driving without headlights and subsequently discovering video surveillance equipment, including a charging system concealed with leaves.

In another incident, a miniature camera was discovered hidden outside a residence in Garden Cove several days later. To combat these technologically advanced thieves, the Alhambra police have provided residents with some preventive measures. They recommend installing personal surveillance cameras to monitor the surroundings, thereby reversing the surveillance dynamic. Homeowners are also advised to avoid leaving keys hidden outside, ensure all windows and doors are securely locked, and maintain well-lit front porches and surrounding areas. Additionally, trimming bushes regularly can limit potential hiding spots for these covert cameras, as suggested by law enforcement.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. Wow, this is a really eye-opening post! I appreciate you shedding light on the disturbing trend of “burglary tourism” in California. It’s important for people to be aware of the tactics that thieves are using to target homes. Keep up the great work in raising awareness about these issues!

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