Thieves Target Annual Gen Con Convention, Making Off with Major Card Theft

During the highly anticipated Gen Con, an annual tabletop gaming convention held at the Indiana Convention Center, cunning thieves executed a heist, making off with a significant amount of gaming cards worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Indiana Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) is actively investigating the case but has not yet identified any suspects.

The theft occurred on August 2, 2023, just before the event officially opened its doors to the public. Authorities have revealed that the perpetrators acquired a pallet jack to remove one pallet of gaming cards before discreetly relocating them to an undisclosed location. Estimates from the IMPD indicate that the stolen cards alone could be valued at up to $300,000.

While initial speculation arose that the stolen cards were from the yet-to-be-released game Disney Lorcana, which has already garnered significant attention and assumed high resale value, Ravensburger, the company producing the game, confirmed that their stock was intact and unaffected by the theft. The pilfered pallet mainly consisted of Commander Masters Sets and Collector Boosters. These specialty packs are known to contain multiple rare and legendary cards, often commanding retail prices of $300 to $400.

Gen Con, widely considered a premier gaming event, attracts enthusiasts from all over the world who eagerly await the opportunity to engage in their favorite games and explore the latest releases. The thieves’ meticulous planning suggests they took advantage of the pre-event setup phase when vendors were busy assembling their displays, making the stolen cards an appealing target.

As news of the theft spread across various media outlets and social platforms on August 5, the gaming community expressed concern over the significant loss. While acknowledging the incident, Gen Con remained tight-lipped regarding the ongoing investigation.

The IMPD urges anyone with information about the theft or potential leads to come forward.

Author: CrimeDoor

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