Thieves Execute $30 Million Heist at GardaWorld’s Sylmar Cash Storage Facility Despite Police Presence

Thieves Execute  Million Heist at GardaWorld’s Sylmar Cash Storage Facility Despite Police Presence

Thieves successfully carried out a meticulously planned heist at GardaWorld’s Sylmar cash storage facility, making off with an estimated $30 million, in what is now considered the largest heist in Los Angeles’ history. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) responded to three separate alarms at the facility on the day of the burglary, but the criminals managed to evade detection, according to law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation.

The sequence of events, as revealed by an LAPD call-for-service log obtained by The Times, raises concerns about the security measures maintained by GardaWorld at the Roxford Avenue property. The heist is believed to have been executed by a crew that gained access to the one-story building through its roof. Security consultant Jeffrey Zwirn described the success of the burglary as a “systemic failure,” suggesting that both physical and electronic security measures were deficient.

GardaWorld, a Montreal-based security services company, did not become aware of the crime until the following day when the vault was opened. LAPD investigators were subsequently notified of the substantial amount of money that had been stolen. The police log indicates that the LAPD had responded to 13 alarm calls at the facility in the year leading up to the heist, all of which were determined to be false alarms. One such false alarm occurred just hours before the burglary.

While law enforcement agencies have been tight-lipped about the ongoing investigation, residents in the neighboring Tahitian Mobile Home Park reported strange occurrences over the weekend of the heist. A resident claimed to have heard a peculiar mechanical sound emanating from the GardaWorld property, and a nearby convenience store experienced Wi-Fi and mobile phone outages. It remains unclear if these incidents are connected to the heist.

Experts in the security industry have expressed surprise at the successful execution of the heist, given the significant amount of money stored at the facility. Typically, such high-security facilities employ multiple alarm systems, sensors throughout the building, and extensive camera coverage. The presence of wireless signal jamming, a common tool used by theft gangs, should have triggered an alarm. The question remains as to why no one responded to the detectable event.

The investigation into the heist is being handled by the FBI, and LAPD Captain Kelly Muniz declined to discuss the specific timeline of the crime. The GardaWorld facility, located in a less affluent area of Sylmar, is surrounded by active train tracks and the Tahitian Mobile Home Park. Local residents have described street crime as a prevalent issue in the area.

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