The Haunting Past and Quest for Justice: Christina Boyer and the Demons Within

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In a gripping and chilling series that delves into the haunting life of Christina Boyer, the infamous “poltergeist girl” of the 1980s, a tale of tragedy, abuse, alleged telekinesis, and a shocking murder unfolds. Now, in a riveting three-part documentary series titled “Demons & Saviors,” Boyer opens up about her painful past, the grueling murder trial, and her ongoing fight to overturn her conviction. The series, available on Hulu, sheds light on the disturbing childhood that ultimately led to Boyer’s pursuit of justice.

Born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1969, Boyer’s early life took a tumultuous turn when she was abandoned by her birth mother at just two years old. Thankfully, she found new parents, Joan and John Resch, who unfortunately subjected her to alleged torment. Boyer endured merciless abuse at the hands of her adoptive father, reminiscing on the continual beatings she endured. “His discipline was with fists,” she candidly reveals in one of her phone interviews from prison. “I was prepared for prison long before I ever came to prison.”

As if her traumatic upbringing wasn’t harrowing enough, Boyer claims that at the age of 12, her adopted brother, whose identity remains undisclosed, subjected her to sexual abuse. Sharing her distressing experiences with her mother, she was met with disbelief and further mistreatment. “My mother just slapped me and told me that I was making up lies,” Boyer recounts.

The year 1984 marked a turning point in Boyer’s life when eerie paranormal occurrences supposedly began manifesting around her. Faced with uncontrollable phenomena, her adoptive parents sought the help of a priest for an exorcism. Nevertheless, despite their efforts, the disturbances only intensified. The media soon took interest in Boyer’s story, labeling her telekinetic talents a hoax after she was caught attempting to fabricate her abilities on camera.

Desperate for aid and understanding, Boyer sought solace in parapsychologist Bill Roll, who had previously advocated on her behalf. Unfortunately, Roll and his partner, psychologist Jeannie Lagle, allegedly took advantage of Boyer’s vulnerable state. Lagle was assigned to be Boyer’s constant companion, even sharing sleeping quarters, bathrooms, and explicitly attempting to reactivate Boyer’s supposed supernatural powers via extended hypnotherapy sessions.

Their experiments escalated to disturbing heights, with Roll filming the entire process. As the intensity grew, other professionals in the field felt uneasy about their actions, expressing concerns that Roll was pushing Boyer to produce the desired paranormal phenomena. Eventually, Boyer severed ties with Roll and Lagle, leaving behind a chaotic life marked by poverty and entering into yet another abusive relationship with her first husband, James Bennett.

Carrollton, Georgia, became the setting for Boyer’s tragic downfall. It was there that she met David Herrin, her boyfriend at the time. The events of April 14, 1992, forever stained her life when Amber Bennett, her daughter, was found lifeless while Herrin was looking after her. The grieving mother pleaded ignorance, desperately seeking answers from Herrin, who continuously apologized. In the days preceding Amber’s death, Bennett had also suffered a head injury while under Herrin’s supervision.

Both Boyer and Herrin were charged in relation to the child’s death, leading to a sentencing that would forever impact Boyer’s life. Herrin received a 20-year sentence for child cruelty while Boyer entered into a special plea deal, resulting in a life sentence plus an additional 20 years. Boyer insists she agreed to the deal to avoid the death penalty.

In her continuous fight for justice, Boyer’s story is now shared in the harrowing documentary series “Demons & Saviors.” Offering insight into her troubled past, the murder trial, and her unwavering determination to overturn her conviction, this revealing series stands as a testament to the enduring strength of the human spirit.

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