The Deceptive CEO: Lubbock Woman Sentenced to Prison for Multi-Million Dollar PPP Fraud

The Deceptive CEO: Lubbock Woman Sentenced to Prison for Multi-Million Dollar PPP Fraud

The once-respected CEO of Radar Supports LLC, Hope Leticia Hastey, has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for her involvement in a fraudulent business scheme that rocked the community of Lubbock, Texas. This captivating tale of deceit and greed has left many wondering how someone in a position of power could stoop so low.

Hastey, a 51-year-old woman with a seemingly successful career, pleaded guilty to one count of misprision (concealment) of a felony in August 2023. Her company, Radar Supports LLC, claimed to provide contract services such as speech and occupational therapy, while Radar Foundations, Inc., a nonprofit associated with Hastey, purportedly organized fundraisers for individuals with intellectual limitations.

However, behind the scenes, a web of deception was being spun. Hastey employed Andrew Travis Johnson, 59, as her bookkeeper, unaware of the fraudulent intentions he harbored. As the pandemic raged on, Johnson took advantage of the chaos and fraudulently applied for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, fabricating payroll data for Radar Supports LLC.

Court documents reveal that Hastey, instead of reporting the fraud, signed the loan documents and went to great lengths to cover up the misappropriation of funds. To create the illusion that the loan proceeds were used for payroll costs, she wrote a check to a colleague who worked for Radar Supports. However, this check never reached its intended recipient. Instead, Hastey slyly deposited it into another bank account under her control.

Prosecutors uncovered a shocking revelation: Hastey had submitted a total of five fraudulent loan applications to the PPP lending plan, seeking a staggering $3.5 million in loans. The money, meant to support struggling businesses during the pandemic, was shamelessly squandered on Hastey’s personal expenses. From heavy equipment for her family’s new business venture to a cash purchase of a luxurious home, Hastey spared no expense. The funds were also used for home renovations, multiple vehicles, extravagant vacations, high-end clothing, cosmetic and dental procedures, college tuition, and even expenses for a lavish wedding.

To add insult to injury, all five fraudulent loans were ultimately forgiven, leaving the government and taxpayers to bear the burden of Hastey’s audacious actions.

Andrew Travis Johnson, the mastermind behind the fraudulent loan applications, pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including bank fraud and identity theft. He received a hefty sentence of 180 months in federal prison in August 2023, highlighting the severity of his crimes.

As the dust settles on this shocking case, the community of Lubbock is left grappling with the betrayal of a trusted CEO. The repercussions of Hastey’s actions will undoubtedly be felt for years to come, serving as a stark reminder of the lengths some individuals will go to satisfy their insatiable greed.


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