The Best Detective Series to Keep You Guessing: A Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Classics: Pioneers of the Genre
  3. The Modern Hits: Reimagining the Detective Story
  4. The Under-the-Radar Gems: Hidden Treasures
  5. Streaming Exclusives: The Digital Realm
  6. International Flair: Detective Series Around the World
  7. Genre Benders: Mixing Detective with Other Genres
  8. Q&A
  9. Conclusion


The detective story is a genre that has captivated audiences for centuries. Combining elements of suspense, drama, and oftentimes action, detective series offer a compelling look into the minds of both the pursuers and the pursued. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the best detective series, from the classics that laid the groundwork for the genre to the modern hits that have redefined it.

The Classics: Pioneers of the Genre

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes, created by Arthur Conan Doyle, is not just a character; he’s an archetype. The keen observer, the sharp mind—these are attributes that many detective characters aspire to emulate. Adaptations of Holmes’ stories have been numerous, including films, TV series, and even video games.

Agatha Christie’s Poirot
Agatha Christie’s brainchild, Hercule Poirot, is known for his ‘little grey cells’ and his meticulous approach to solving mysteries. Numerous TV adaptations have kept the Belgian detective alive, including the long-running British TV series starring David Suchet.

Peter Falk’s portrayal of the seemingly disorganized and quirky Detective Columbo set the mold for many detectives to follow. His knack for seeing what others overlooked became his signature style, and each episode’s “just one more thing” moment is iconic.

The Modern Hits: Reimagining the Detective Story

Broadchurch is not just about solving a mystery; it’s about the impact of a tragic event on a close-knit community. Olivia Colman and David Tennant deliver poignant performances as detectives Ellie Miller and Alec Hardy.

True Detective
Every season brings a new cast and a new mystery, but the tone of existential dread remains constant. From the bayous of Louisiana to the sprawl of Los Angeles, True Detective has kept viewers intrigued and critics applauding.

Drawing from real-life cases, Mindhunter explores the early days of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit. By dialoguing with incarcerated serial killers, agents Ford and Tench seek to understand the mindset behind such heinous acts.

The Under-the-Radar Gems: Hidden Treasures

This Welsh detective series brings the noir atmosphere to the countryside, resulting in an eerie, unforgettable experience.

The Bridge
This Scandinavian crime thriller starts with a body found on the bridge between Denmark and Sweden, sparking a joint investigation.

Top of the Lake
Set in New Zealand, this series explores not just the crime, but also the social dynamics of a small community. It’s a slow-burning series but ultimately rewarding.

Streaming Exclusives: The Digital Realm

Los Angeles Detective Harry Bosch is a man of few words but many actions. This Amazon Prime series, based on Michael Connelly’s best-selling books, has won critical acclaim for its attention to detail and faithfulness to the source material.

Though primarily a crime drama, Narcos places DEA agents at the forefront of its narrative, turning it into an unconventional detective series as they attempt to dismantle the infamous drug cartels.

International Flair: Detective Series Around the World

Inspector Montalbano (Italy)
Based on the novels by Andrea Camilleri, this series brings the Sicilian detective to life in a setting that is both idyllic and fraught with criminal activity.

Forbrydelsen (The Killing) (Denmark)
A Danish series that inspired an American remake, it’s a police procedural that stretches the tension across an entire season for a single case.

Genre Benders: Mixing Detective with Other Genres

A mystery writer joins forces with a no-nonsense NYPD detective in this series that combines crime-solving with romantic tension and comedic elements.

Twin Peaks
David Lynch’s masterpiece may not be a detective series in the traditional sense, but FBI Agent Dale Cooper’s investigation into the murder of Laura Palmer is as compelling as any classic detective tale.



  • Q: What makes a detective series compelling?
  • A: Well-developed characters, intricate plots, and unexpected twists are key ingredients.
  • Q: Are there any series suitable for family viewing?
  • A: Series like Monk offer lighter fare suitable for older kids and adults alike.



Whether you’re a fan of the classics or always on the lookout for the next big hit, the world of detective series offers a treasure trove of compelling narratives, unforgettable characters, and mind-bending mysteries. In this Golden Age of Television, there’s never been a better time to immerse oneself in the endless possibilities that detective series offer.

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