Texas Mother Indicted in 6-Year-Old ‘Evil’ Disabled Son’s Disappearance Amid Suspected Murder

Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, 6

A Texas grand jury has issued an indictment against Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, a mother accused of murdering her 6-year-old disabled son, Noel Rodriguez-Álvarez. The indictment, announced on Monday by the Tarrant County grand jury, includes charges of capital murder, two counts of injury to a child, and one count of abandoning a child without intent to return. This development comes a year after the child was last seen, and prosecutors hope it will expedite Rodriguez-Singh’s extradition from India, where she relocated with her family shortly before an Amber Alert was issued for Noel.

Authorities reported that after giving birth to twins in November, Rodriguez-Singh applied for passports for her six other children, excluding Noel. In March, she, along with her husband Arshdeep Singh and their other children, departed from their Everman home to India on a one-way Turkish Airlines flight.

Everman Police Chief Craig Spencer expressed at a press conference that these indictments should bolster efforts to apprehend and extradite Cindy Rodriguez-Singh to the United States for trial. He stated that U.S. Marshals, the Department of Homeland Security, and the FBI are collaborating to facilitate her return.

While Noel’s body has yet to be found, cadaver dogs detected human remains on a carpet formerly located in a shed on the family’s rented property. The carpet was recovered from a dumpster after being disposed of by Arshdeep Singh. Spencer revealed that the family had constructed a concrete patio over the shed’s former location under suspicious conditions. Despite obtaining a warrant to excavate the concrete, no physical evidence was found.

Authorities noted that the family used their entire tax return for the hasty patio construction just weeks before their flight to India. Contractors informed the police that the family had requested a thicker layer of concrete in a specific area.

Spencer, during the Monday press conference, explained that the case was presented to the grand jury in a manner unknown to them, requiring a demonstration of reasonable effort to explore all potential outcomes for the boy. However, after a six-month exhaustive search without locating the body, the police concluded that Noel was murdered.

Noel was last seen at a hospital and another time in October 2022, appearing malnourished and unhealthy, according to witness accounts. He had serious disabilities requiring intensive care, including a chronic lung disease necessitating frequent oxygen treatment.

Rodriguez-Singh initially claimed to the police that Noel was in Mexico with his father, a statement later disproved. Additionally, Noel’s grandmother reported that Rodriguez-Singh claimed to have sold the child at a grocery store. Witnesses also recounted the mother describing Noel as “evil” or “possessed” and expressing fear that he would harm her newborns.

Allegations of abuse and neglect by Rodriguez-Singh towards Noel were reported, with relatives witnessing physical harm and withholding of food and water. Furthermore, police have emphasized her alleged worship of Santa Muerte, a folk saint associated with death and disapproved by the Catholic Church and Mexican officials, as crucial to their investigation. Evidence of her devotion was found in the family’s shed and home.

On the same day the family left the country, Arshdeep Singh was charged with felony theft for allegedly stealing $10,000 from an employer. Meanwhile, a candlelight vigil for Noel was held on Monday in Everman.

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