Texas Man Arrested with Meth Disguised in Drink Cup During Vehicle Search

Meth hidden inside a man’s 44-ounce drink.

In a recent traffic stop near Lubbock, Texas, a man was arrested after a game warden discovered methamphetamine hidden in his drink cup. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department revealed in a news release dated Nov. 8 that the incident occurred when a pickup truck, towing a trailer with malfunctioning lights and other transportation violations, was pulled over.

As the driver and passenger waited with a deputy, the driver, appearing calm, retrieved a burrito and a 44-ounce drink from the truck with the deputy’s permission. Upon the game warden’s request to search the vehicle, the driver confidently agreed, claiming there were no drugs in the vehicle. However, his demeanor changed when the game warden requested to inspect the drink in his hand.

Reluctantly, the driver handed over the drink, and upon inspection, the game warden found an orange bag inside the cup containing 5 grams of a substance. Tests confirmed the substance was methamphetamine. The driver, upon questioning, admitted the substance was meth.

The driver was subsequently taken into custody following the discovery.

Chris Morris
Author: Chris Morris

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