Texas Car Dealer’s Shocking Downfall: Convicted in Gruesome Nashville Double Murder Plot

Erik Charles Maund, a Texas businessman and father of two, has been found guilty in a murder-for-hire plot that led to the deaths of Holly Williams, 33, and her boyfriend William Lanway in Nashville, Tennessee. The case, which has drawn national attention, involved Maund, the heir to an Austin-based car dealership, and his connection with a Nashville escort.

The saga began when Maund, married and a father, engaged in an extramarital affair with Williams. About a month after their encounter, Maund received anonymous texts demanding $25,000 in exchange for silence about the affair. The texts, originating from Lanway, marked the start of a complex criminal plot that spiraled rapidly.

Within 11 days, Maund’s attempt to identify the blackmailer evolved into a murder scheme, involving a retired Israeli Defense Force (IDF) member, Gilad Peled, and two retired U.S. Marines, Bryon Brockway and Adam Carey. On March 12, 2020, a day after Maund was to pay the blackmail, Williams and Lanway were found dead with gunshot wounds to their heads at a Nashville construction site.

After an extensive investigation and an 11-day federal trial, Maund was convicted of orchestrating the murders. Brockway and Carey were also found guilty for their roles in the conspiracy. Peled, who pleaded guilty before the trial, became a key witness for the prosecution.

According to trial transcripts, Maund initially sought Peled’s help to investigate the source of the threatening texts. Peled testified that there were no initial discussions about harming Lanway or Williams. However, the situation escalated, leading to Maund agreeing to pay substantial sums for the elimination of Lanway and Williams.

Peled, Brockway, and Carey formed a team and traveled from Texas to Nashville to surveil the couple. Following unsuccessful attempts to resolve the situation and escalating pressure from Lanway, Brockway proposed the idea of killing Lanway, to which Maund agreed.

The court documents reveal a detailed account of the events leading to the murders. Brockway shot Lanway in Williams’ apartment complex parking lot, and Carey killed Williams at the construction site, where their bodies were later discovered.

The jury convicted Maund of conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire, clearing him of kidnapping-related charges. Brockway and Carey were found guilty of additional charges, including kidnapping resulting in death. All three face life imprisonment or the death penalty, with sentencing scheduled for 2024. Peled’s cooperation with the authorities will be considered during his sentencing.

Maund’s involvement in this case has shocked many, given his status as a successful businessman and community figure. The trial brought to light his double life, involving secret liaisons with an escort and subsequent criminal activities to conceal his affairs.

Williams, a medical esthetician, was described by friends and family as sweet and trusting, skilled in her profession. Her relationship with Lanway, marked by volatility, ended tragically. Lanway, whose life was marred by personal tragedies, including the violent death of his mother and the loss of his daughter to brain cancer, found himself entangled in a fatal scheme.

Chris Morris
Author: Chris Morris

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  1. I can’t believe someone would go to such lengths just to cover up an affair. This is a truly disturbing case, and I hope they all face the harshest punishment possible.

  2. It’s sickening to think that someone could be leading a double life like this. These people have no regard for human life and deserve to be locked away for good.

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