Testimony Reveals Disturbing Details in Human Trafficking-Related Murders of Two Females

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During Day 6 of a preliminary hearing for Raymond Michael Weber, chilling testimony emerged regarding the ongoing issue of human trafficking and its connection to a tragic double murder in Vacaville. Officer Steven Gunderson, a former detective from the Vacaville police vice unit, took the stand and revealed horrifying details of the recruitment tactics used by human traffickers.

Officer Gunderson, an expert in human trafficking, explained that traffickers often lure potential victims through romantic relationships before violence ensues. He referred to human trafficking as a modern-day form of “slavery.”

Raymond Michael Weber, the defendant in question, stands accused of fatally shooting two women, one of them being a minor. Gunderson’s testimony shed light on Weber’s alleged involvement as a “boyfriend pimp,” meaning he would date girls and then force them into prostitution.

The court proceedings took an unexpected turn when co-defense counsel Leslie Prince initially questioned the existence of human trafficking in the case. However, Judge Jeffrey C. Kauffman ultimately ruled that Gunderson’s extensive background and training qualified him as an expert on the matter. Prince’s objection was overruled, leaving Gunderson’s testimony intact.

Gunderson went on to describe the disturbing encounters he had with the victims and their involvement with Weber. Prior to their deaths, he had spoken with the mother of the minor victim, who had attempted to intervene and prevent her daughter from being taken away in a black sedan. The girl’s cellphone was later traced to a hotel in Rohnert Park.

Video evidence obtained from various locations showed Weber’s association with the victims and their activities. One video depicted Weber engaging in inappropriate acts with the teenage girl, and Gunderson further revealed that online ads for commercial sex indicated prices as high as $420 per hour.

The harrowing details shared by Gunderson highlighted the horrific reality that some sex workers endure. He mentioned that these individuals are sometimes “branded” with tattoos, indicating their ownership by specific traffickers.

The hearing also included testimony from Makayla McCalebb, Weber’s cousin, who reported to her mother that Weber had raped a young girl just hours before the fatal shootings occurred. McCalebb’s relationship with Weber drastically changed when he accused her of providing a cellphone to the teenage victim. Out of fear, she realized that something was gravely wrong.

The events unfolded on January 30 inside an apartment on Rocky Hill Road, where Weber is alleged to have shot and killed Savannah Theberge, 27, and the 15-year-old girl from Elk Grove. Vacaville Police Sgt. Erik Watts was one of the first responders to the scene after receiving a 911 call. Weber was eventually apprehended after a standoff with SWAT teams and was charged accordingly.

Weber, who has prior convictions for assault and unlawful possession of a controlled substance, faces multiple charges, including the murders of the two females, domestic violence, and making terroristic threats.

The case serves as a grim reminder of the existence and dangers of human trafficking, and the desperate need for increased awareness and preventative measures.

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