Terrified Truck Driver Mauled by Police Dog in Ohio Highway Chase

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In a heart-pounding turn of events on an Ohio highway, Jadarrius Rose, an unarmed Black truck driver, found himself caught in a perilous chase that would leave him traumatized and injured. Just moments before the harrowing attack, Rose reached out to emergency services, seeking protection from what he believed was imminent danger.

The secretive audio recordings, exclusively obtained by Insider through the Ross County Sheriff’s Office, reveal the raw fear in Rose’s voice as he relayed his desperate concerns. He explained to dispatchers that he had initially intended to comply with the state troopers who were pursuing him on July 4th. However, as he pulled over and parked his truck, he was met with a terrifying sight—all the officers had their guns drawn.

Authorities also tried to throw spikes in an attempt to disable Rose’s truck, leaving him bewildered as to why the police were targeting him. “I feel like they trying to kill me,” Rose worriedly confided to the dispatcher who urged him to pull over and comply, emphasizing that his safety was at stake.

But Rose, already gripped by fear, couldn’t shake off the apprehension that coursed through his veins. “Right now, I have police officers following me for a long time…I’m just a truck driver,” pleaded Rose, astonished by the aggressive response he encountered. “And it’s all really white people. They got their guns out, and I’m going to deliver my load…I don’t feel safe.”

Video evidence, later released by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, captured the tension-filled pursuit, which lasted more than 25 minutes. Rose eventually surrendered, raising his hands in surrender by the roadside. However, what should have marked the end of the chase became a nightmare beyond comprehension. The Circleville Police Department unleashed a ferocious dog on Rose, mauling him mercilessly, despite repeated warnings from a state trooper. “Do not release the dog with his hands up!” they exclaimed urgently.

Rose’s arrest and subsequent treatment are now under investigation by state troopers, who strive to uncover the truth behind these disturbing events. Following the incident, Rose endured hospitalization for his injuries and was ultimately booked into the Ross County Jail, facing charges of failing to comply with an officer’s instructions. Records show that he has since been released.

As the nation grapples with concerns of police misconduct and racial inequality, this gripping saga of a truck driver’s terrifying ordeal serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for justice and reform within our law enforcement agencies.

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