Tennessee Businessman Fatally Shot in Chattanooga Altercation

A Tennessee businessman, Christopher Wright, was shot and killed in Chattanooga during a verbal altercation, according to police. The incident occurred downtown on Thursday night. Wright, 38, was attending his 20-year high school reunion at the time.

Eyewitnesses reported that Wright and Darryl Roberts, also known as “Too Tall,” engaged in a heated exchange on Market Street. Surveillance footage and a witness account revealed that Roberts approached Wright and shot him once in the head from a distance of approximately 30 feet. Despite attempts to save him, Wright succumbed to his injuries.

Roberts, 57, has an extensive criminal record, including convictions for home invasion, assault, disorderly conduct, theft, and gun charges. He has faced over 60 criminal charges since the late 1990s.

Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly described the shooting as an “isolated, senseless, and brazen act of gun violence.” He emphasized that the incident was not related to gang violence, mugging, or robbery.

Baylor School President Chris Angel expressed condolences for Wright’s sudden death, noting that he was set to celebrate his 20th class reunion. The school community mourns the loss and offers support to Wright’s family.

Roberts was apprehended the day after the shooting through a joint effort by the Chattanooga Police Department, the U.S. Marshals Service, and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. A witness identified Roberts from a photo lineup. He is currently held at the Hamilton County Jail and Detention Center on a charge of first-degree murder, with a bond set at $5 million.


Author: CrimeDoor

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