Temple University Police Sergeant Christopher Fitzgerald Honored with Plaque Dedication

Temple University Police Sergeant Christopher Fitzgerald, who was tragically shot and killed in North Philadelphia while on duty one year ago, was honored on Sunday night with a plaque dedication at the university. The ceremony served as a poignant reminder of Fitzgerald’s bravery and the sacrifice he made to protect the community.

Marissa Fitzgerald, the fallen officer’s wife, expressed her gratitude that her prayers to spare her husband’s life went unanswered. She, along with other family members, spoke about the immense pain and loss they have endured since his untimely death. Pauline Fitzgerald, Christopher’s mother, emphasized her determination to seek justice for her son and ensure his memory lives on.

Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle Parker acknowledged the profound impact Fitzgerald’s death had on the community, acknowledging that no words or actions could alleviate the pain experienced by his loved ones. Temple University officials unveiled the memorial plaque, which serves as a lasting tribute to Fitzgerald’s commitment to protecting and serving the community.

The tragic incident occurred on February 18, 2023, when Fitzgerald attempted to intervene in a robbery while patrolling alone on the 1700 block of West Montgomery Avenue. He was fatally shot during the encounter. Miles Pfeffer, a 19-year-old from Bucks County, is currently awaiting trial and faces charges including murder and murder of a law enforcement officer in connection with Fitzgerald’s death.

In their pursuit of justice, Fitzgerald’s family has filed a lawsuit against Pfeffer and his family. They remain steadfast in their determination to ensure that Christopher receives the justice he deserves.

Fitzgerald’s dedication to his duty and his community was widely recognized and celebrated. In June of the previous year, the street where he lost his life was renamed Christopher Fitzgerald Way in his honor. Prior to his service at Temple University, Fitzgerald had served with the Philadelphia County Sheriff’s Office for two and a half years.

Following the plaque dedication, a private unveiling of a memorial wall dedicated to Fitzgerald was held for his family. The pain of his loss remains ever-present for his loved ones, who continue to mourn his absence.

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  1. While it is undoubtedly tragic that Sergeant Christopher Fitzgerald lost his life while on duty, it is important to question the necessity of honoring him with a plaque dedication at the university. While it is understandable that the university wants to pay tribute to a fallen officer, it is crucial to consider the broader implications of such a gesture.

    Firstly, by dedicating a plaque to Sergeant Fitzgerald, the university may inadvertently be glorifying the profession of policing. In recent years, there has been a growing movement calling for police

  2. I remember a similar incident that happened in my hometown a few years ago. A police officer named Officer John Smith was on duty when he responded to a domestic violence call. Unfortunately, the situation escalated quickly, and Officer Smith was shot and killed while trying to protect the victim.

    The community was devastated by this tragic event, as Officer Smith was known for his dedication and commitment to keeping the neighborhood safe. He had been with the police force for over a decade and was highly respected by his colleagues and community

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