Teenage Social Media Star Alleges Drugging and Rape at Brazilian Influencer Party

A shocking incident has come to light involving a teenage social media star who claims she was drugged and raped at a party hosted by fellow influencers in São Paulo, Brazil. Geovana Pontes, a 19-year-old from Paraná, alleges that she was forced to have sex with four men after her drink was spiked at the event.

According to Pontes, she attended the party in late January and became confused and lost consciousness after consuming a beverage. She stated that she “started to be in an unusual state” where she was unable to control her body while the men undressed her. Disturbingly, she uploaded graphic photos of the assault on her Instagram, revealing her bloodstained blue shirt, a swollen and bloodied lip, and dried blood on her chin and neck.

Pontes initially refrained from reporting the rape due to threats she received from other partygoers, particularly after sharing the distressing images. However, she eventually filed a complaint for aggression with the Civil Police, who questioned her for six hours and have now included sexual assault charges.

The young woman, who boasts a significant following of nearly 250,000 on Instagram, disclosed that she and her friend were invited to the party, with their travel expenses covered by the person who extended the invitation. Upon arrival at the luxury condominium, Pontes’ friend went to sleep while she went to get a drink, which is when she began feeling strange. It was her friend who later found her crying and removed her from the pool.

Pontes’ lawyer, Igor José Ogar, expressed his dismay at the initial reluctance of the police to register the sexual assault. He described it as “absurd” that a crime of such a serious nature was not immediately acknowledged. The São Paulo Civil Police confirmed that the case is under investigation by the Igaratá Police Station, with ongoing efforts to identify and summon those involved.

As the investigation continues, the victims will be interviewed to contribute to the clarification of the facts. The police have issued requests related to the case, and the identities of the individuals involved are being established. The authorities have emphasized that the investigations are being conducted under secrecy.

Author: CrimeDoor

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