Teenage Girl and Four Others Indicted in Grisly Murder of Swedish Taxi Driver

Teenage Girl and Four Others Indicted in Grisly Murder of Swedish Taxi Driver

A Middle Eastern taxi driver was found dead in the Hjälstaviken nature reserve near Stockholm, Sweden. The abandoned taxi belonging to the driver was discovered in the reserve’s parking lot on March 26. On April 1, the body of the missing taxi driver was found hanging in the same nature reserve.

The police investigation revealed that the murder may have been an act of vigilantism. The prime suspects in the case are a 15-year-old girl, her boyfriend, and her brothers. Allegedly, the taxi driver had sexually assaulted the girl when she was 14 years old, leading to the revenge plot.

According to the indictment, the girl lured the taxi driver into the woods, where her brothers and boyfriend attacked him. They strangled and hanged him using the rope they had brought with them. The prosecutor described the murder as having “the character of an execution.”

Text messages found by the police indicate that the girl had planned the revenge with her boyfriend and brothers. She also sent messages to the taxi driver the night before the murder, asking him to meet her in a remote location near the nature reserve.

The girl has admitted to luring the driver into the woods but claims that she only intended for him to be beaten, not killed.

This case highlights a tragic situation for all involved. The alleged sexual assault of the girl and the subsequent revenge murder have had devastating consequences. The proper course of justice would have been for the taxi driver to face trial and be sentenced through legal means.

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