Teen Rescued from Hidden Trap Door: Facebook Predator’s Sinister Lair Unveiled

A 16-year-old girl from Fayetteville, North Carolina, was rescued on Christmas Day from the clutches of a Facebook predator who had lured her across state lines to a hidden lair in Kentucky. The harrowing ordeal unfolded when deputies from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office stumbled upon a sinister trap door concealed beneath a rug in the predator’s bedroom.

The predator, identified as 34-year-old Zackary Jones, had been communicating with the unsuspecting teenager through Facebook, cunningly disguising his true age as 19. The girl had been reported missing on December 8, prompting a frantic search by the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office. Little did they know that she had fallen victim to the manipulative tactics of Jones.

The dramatic rescue took place after deputies responded to a call from Jones’ mother, who reported an altercation between her son and his supposed girlfriend. Upon arriving at the residence in the Kings Mountain area of Kentucky, deputies found Jones and his mother, but no sign of the missing girl. However, Jones’s lies quickly unraveled as deputies discovered cocaine hidden in his bedroom. In a desperate attempt to dispose of the drugs, Jones hastily tossed them into a wood stove.

Jones was promptly arrested and placed in a cruiser, while deputies resumed their search for the girl. It was during this search that they stumbled upon the trap door, concealed beneath the rug in Jones’s bedroom. With bated breath, they opened the door, only to find the missing teenager huddled inside. She revealed that Jones had picked her up in North Carolina and forcibly transported her to Kentucky.

The girl’s appearance was alarming, as she seemed to be under the influence of drugs. Jones later confessed to using drugs with her and engaging in a sexual relationship. The gravity of the situation escalated further when it was revealed that Jones had repeatedly threatened to kill her with a .22 pistol.

In Kentucky, Jones now faces a litany of charges, including rape, sodomy, and using an electronic device to entice and lure a minor across state lines. Additional charges include assault, strangulation, unlawful transactions with a minor involving illegal sex acts and controlled substances, possession of cocaine, and resisting arrest.

As of now, no charges are pending against Jones in North Carolina, according to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

This chilling tale serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking in the digital realm, where predators exploit innocent victims. The swift action of law enforcement and the discovery of the hidden trap door undoubtedly saved this young girl from further harm. The investigation continues as authorities work to ensure justice is served for the victim and hold Jones accountable for his heinous crimes.

Author: CrimeDoor

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