Teen Convicted of Capital Murder in Parents’ Deaths After Seven-Year Trial

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After a seven-year trial, 23-year-old Antonio “AJ” Armstrong has been convicted of capital murder in the deaths of his parents, Antonio Armstrong Sr. and Dawn Armstrong. The tragic incident occurred on July 29, 2016, at their home in the Bellaire area of Houston, Texas.

On the night of the incident, Antonio Jr. called 911, reporting that he had heard gunshots in his parents’ room. When the police arrived, they found Dawn already deceased from two gunshot wounds, while Antonio Sr. was rushed to the hospital but could not be saved. The killer left a note at the scene, stating, “I HAVE BEEN WATCHING YOU FOR A LONG TIME. COME GET ME.”

Investigators found no signs of forced entry, leading them to suspect someone within the family. Antonio Jr. and his sister Kayra were taken into custody and tested for gunshot residue. Antonio Jr. was later charged with capital murder.

The Armstrong family had been well-respected in the community, with Antonio Sr. having a successful football career before becoming a motivational speaker and associate pastor. The family owned a gym and lived a seemingly idyllic life.

However, in the months leading up to the murders, tensions within the family began to surface. Antonio Jr. had failed out of school and was accused of drug use, while his older brother Josh also faced personal struggles. Despite these challenges, Dawn maintained a close relationship with Josh and confided in him about her frustrations with Antonio Jr.

After three trials, Antonio Jr. has now been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 40 years. The case has left many questioning what went wrong in a family that appeared to have it all.

The trial and conviction of Antonio Jr. for the capital murder of his parents highlight the tragic consequences of a family torn apart by internal struggles and the search for justice in a case that spanned several years.


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