Techniques and Resources for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

As Domestic Violence Awareness Month concludes, it’s essential to address the healing journey of survivors. One fundamental aspect of recovery is dispelling the confusion often associated with abuse. Survivors can find solace and clarity through simple, cost-free exercises. One such method is focused breathing, which can significantly calm the mind and foster clear thinking.

There are several other free techniques known to reduce stress. These include taking walks, which can increase energy expenditure, improve blood circulation, and provide exposure to fresh air and sunlight. Therapeutic baths can also soothe the mind and muscles. Additionally, self-care activities, such as exercising or self-administered facials, have been found beneficial. Creating a support circle can alleviate feelings of isolation, and engaging in enjoyable activities can positively alter one’s chemical balance.

For those ready to delve deeper, various apps offer paths to tranquility. “Calm” for instance, provides a range of music and breathing exercises to restore emotional balance. “Aura” enhances emotional health through soothing sounds, guided meditation, and even hypnosis. These apps claim that users can begin to feel better in as little as three minutes.

Mary Hubbard, from Shrink Savannah, underscores the importance of psych-education for survivors to understand the abuse and its impacts. She strongly recommends therapy as a means for survivors to gain understanding and control over their wellbeing. Hubbard states, “I would advocate for anyone to go and get help because if you aren’t dealing with the trauma or the issues that happened in the past, it’s just going to stay with you.”

For those facing difficulties in securing appointments, apps like “Circles” which offers live group therapy for about $20 per month, can be a starting point. It provides 24/7 live community support. “My Plan” is another app that offers assessment questionnaires and tools for organizing a safe escape.

Chief Jeff Hadley of the Chatham County Police Department encourages survivors ready to leave toxic relationships to seek available assistance. He highlights the SAFE Shelter, which provides various resources for victims of domestic violence and their children. Hadley emphasizes, “We’ve got a wonderful SAFE Shelter… I would encourage you to be courageous and get the help that you need, and we’re going to be here to help you.”

This period of awareness underscores the importance of understanding and accessing the tools and support necessary for healing and moving forward from domestic violence.

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