Tech CEO Accuses Hollywood Lawyer of Shakedown in Alleged “Sex Slave” Case

Tech CEO Christian Lanng has filed a countersuit against prominent Hollywood lawyer Bryan Freedman, alleging that Freedman attempted to extort $10 million from him in a shakedown related to Lanng’s alleged involvement in a “sex slave” case. Lanng, the former CEO of tech unicorn Tradeshift, claims that the accusations against him only surfaced after Freedman demanded the substantial sum for a “quick payday.”

According to court documents filed in US district court in California, Freedman sent Lanng threatening text messages in September 2023, stating that a major media outlet, later revealed to be TMZ, was interested in hearing Lanng’s side of the story. Freedman had previously appeared on TMZ, holding up a redacted copy of an alleged “slave contract,” which Lanng’s camp argues was a clear threat.

In response to the allegations, Freedman issued a statement calling Lanng the “enforcer of a slave contract” and accused him of attempting to deflect from his own illegal conduct. The alleged shakedown occurred just one month after banking giant HSBC announced a significant investment in Tradeshift.

Lanng’s countersuit claims that the shakedown began after he missed a payment deadline for a $10 million out-of-court settlement with his accuser, known as Jane Doe. Lanng alleges that Freedman’s law firm hired third parties to create fake websites and Twitter accounts, fabricating accounts of misconduct by Lanng. One of these alleged fake accounts operated on Twitter with the handle @_ChristianLanng, posting cryptic messages aimed at embarrassing and intimidating Lanng.

Doe’s lawsuit, filed in December, claimed that she was forced into a “slave contract” that required her to be sexually available to Lanng at all times. Lanng’s countersuit argues that the contract was merely a sexual prop downloaded from the internet and was not intended to be enforceable, especially in the workplace.

Lanng had previously agreed to pay Doe $10 million as part of a settlement agreement reached in May 2022, despite maintaining his innocence. However, Lanng’s countersuit against Freedman, Cooley, and Jane Doe seeks damages of no less than $40 million for extortion, defamation, breach of contract, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The alleged events took place in San Francisco, California. Lanng was dismissed from Tradeshift in September 2023 for gross misconduct, and he has also resigned from the Tradeshift Board.

Author: CrimeDoor

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