Taco Bell Restaurants in Oakland Close Dining Rooms Amid Surge in Crime

Taco Bell Restaurants in Oakland Close Dining Rooms Amid Surge in Crime

Several Taco Bell restaurants in Oakland, California, have made the decision to close their dining rooms and only offer drive-thru service due to a significant increase in crime within the city. The Diversified Restaurant Group, which owns nearly 300 Taco Bell locations across California, Nevada, Kansas, and Missouri, has taken this step to address safety concerns, as reported by KPIX.

One particular Taco Bell restaurant, situated at 3535 35th Ave., has experienced four robberies since November, with two occurring during business hours. In a recent incident, thieves managed to escape with a safe. Kimberly Garibay, an individual working across the street, highlighted that the criminals not only target the store but also rob everyone present. This has led to a decline in the overall safety of the area, according to Garibay. Another resident, Aliyah Musa, expressed concern over the worsening situation in Oakland, with businesses closing down and crime rates escalating.

While customers can still dine indoors at another Taco Bell location operated by a different franchise owner, it has implemented a cashless system in an effort to deter robberies. Taco Bell has acknowledged the changes being made at its Oakland stores and emphasized the priority of providing a safe environment for both employees and customers. The company stated that the franchise owner is consistently evaluating and implementing measures such as closing dining rooms, hiring security guards, and collaborating with local law enforcement.

The Diversified Restaurant Group did not provide any comments regarding the closures. According to city data obtained by CNN, Oakland witnessed a 38% surge in robberies and a 23% increase in burglaries in 2023. Taco Bell is not the only fast-food chain to close indoor dining due to the high crime rates in Oakland. Raising Cane’s near the airport shut down its dining room last year, and In-N-Out announced the closure of its only Oakland location in March due to rising crime. Denny’s and a Starbucks outlet in the airport area also closed their doors for similar reasons.

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