Swedish Court Releases Russian-Swedish Citizen Charged with Espionage

Swedish Court Releases Russian-Swedish Citizen Charged with Espionage

A Swedish court has released Sergey Skvortsov, a Russia-born Swedish citizen who was charged with collecting information for Russia’s military intelligence service, the GRU. Skvortsov, 60, is accused of engaging in “gross illegal intelligence activities against Sweden and against a foreign power,” specifically the United States. The trial concluded on September 28, and the verdict is scheduled to be announced on October 26.

Skvortsov was arrested in November, along with his wife, in a predawn operation in Nacka, a suburb of Stockholm. Reports from Swedish media indicate that elite police officers rappelled from two Black Hawk helicopters to apprehend the couple. Skvortsov has been in custody since his arrest and denies any wrongdoing. His wife was released without charge following an investigation by Sweden’s security agency.

According to the prosecution, Skvortsov allegedly obtained information through two companies about items that Russia is unable to acquire due to export regulations and sanctions. He is accused of assisting in the purchase and transportation of these goods by misleading suppliers through false or misleading information and using false identities.

The prosecution is seeking a 5-year prison sentence for Skvortsov. The Stockholm District Court decided to release him, stating that there is no longer a reason to keep him in custody. The court’s decision comes ahead of the upcoming verdict in the case.

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