Suspects Wanted in Midtown Carjacking; Victim Tracks Stolen Vehicle to the Bronx

Suspects Wanted in Midtown Carjacking; Victim Tracks Stolen Vehicle to the Bronx

Cops have released photos of two suspects wanted in connection with a gun-point carjacking incident that occurred in Midtown, New York City. The victim, Joseph Sadykov, 23, was on a first date when he and his date decided to take a nap in the backseat of his BMW M5 Competition after a night out. At around 3 a.m. on Tuesday, a crew of six suspects approached the vehicle in their own cars, including a black BMW, a black Mercedes, and a silver sedan.

The suspects forcefully pulled Sadykov out of his car while brandishing a firearm. Sadykov recounted being pistol-whipped multiple times, sustaining injuries to the back and top of his head. Although he did not experience significant bleeding, he expressed concerns about a possible concussion. The suspects proceeded to rob Sadykov of approximately $15,000 worth of jewelry he was wearing.

One of the suspects then took off in Sadykov’s BMW M5, which he estimated to be worth around $150,000. The remaining suspects fled the scene in their own vehicles. Fortunately, Sadykov had a GPS tracker installed in his car, allowing him to easily locate it in the Bronx. Riding along with responding NYPD officers, he quickly caught up to the suspect on the Major Deegan Expressway.

However, the suspect abandoned the stolen vehicle and managed to escape on foot after encountering a roadblock. Despite efforts by Sadykov and the police, the suspect successfully evaded capture by leaping over a fence.

The NYPD has released photos of two suspects, both described as males with light complexions and medium builds. The other four suspects were wearing black hooded jackets and facemasks during the robbery. Sadykov noted that the suspects communicated with each other in Spanish throughout the incident.

Anyone with information regarding the identity or whereabouts of the suspects is urged to contact the NYPD Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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