Suspected Serial Killer Due to Appear in Court for Four Killings in Los Angeles County

Suspected Serial Killer Due to Appear in Court for Four Killings in Los Angeles County

Jerrid Joseph Powell, a 33-year-old convicted felon from Los Angeles, is set to make his first court appearance on Monday in connection with four killings across Los Angeles County. Powell was taken into custody last week and is suspected of shooting three homeless victims in different L.A.-area neighborhoods between November 26 and November 29. The victims were either sleeping or preparing to rest at the time of the attacks. Additionally, Powell is accused of following 42-year-old Nicholas Simbolon to his San Dimas home, where he allegedly stole a few items from Simbolon’s garage before fatally shooting him.

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore described the video evidence of one of the killings as “chilling.” The shooter did not interact with the victims before shooting them, and no apparent motive has been identified.

Authorities were able to track down Powell after surveillance video captured the license plate of a 2024 BMW at the scene of one of the crimes. The vehicle was spotted in Beverly Hills, leading to Powell’s arrest. During the arrest, officials discovered a gun that is believed to be linked to all four shootings.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Chief Robert Luna emphasized the importance of the automatic license plate reader system in apprehending Powell. Luna stated that if the license plate had not been entered into the system, Powell may have remained at large and potentially committed further offenses.

Powell has been booked on murder and robbery charges and is currently held on $2 million bail. His court appearance is scheduled for after 8:30 a.m.


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