Suspect in Takeoff’s Murder Maintains Innocence, Trial Delayed

Suspect in Takeoff’s Murder Maintains Innocence, Trial Delayed

Nearly a year after the fatal shooting of Takeoff outside a bowling alley in Houston, Texas, the murder case continues with the suspect, Patrick Clark, maintaining his innocence. Clark’s attorney, Letitia Quinones-Hollins, argues that her client did shoot Takeoff but claims that the shots he took are not the ones that caused the rapper’s death. Quinones-Hollins asserts that Clark had a valid self-defense claim and was trying to escape the situation alive, just like Takeoff.

Houston Police Sgt. Michael Burrow revealed during a press conference that an argument outside the bowling alley led to the shooting, which occurred after a lucrative dice game. Burrow clarified that Takeoff was not involved in the game or the subsequent argument and was an innocent bystander.

Despite the anticipation for the trial to begin, it is not scheduled until the second half of next year, with Clark due to appear in court again in January 2024. In the meantime, he remains on house arrest.

Takeoff’s surviving Migos band members, including Quavo, have expressed their grief and love for their lost family member. Quavo has also been involved in advocating for gun reform and met with officials in Washington D.C.

This ongoing murder case involving Takeoff’s death continues to captivate the music world, but the trial is still months away.


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