Suspect in Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack Admits to Striking at Full Force in Court Testimony

Courtroom sketch depicts the trial of David DePape in Federal Court.

In a dramatic court session on Tuesday, David DePape, the suspect in the assault on Paul Pelosi, admitted to attacking the husband of the former House Speaker with a hammer. DePape, visibly emotional, recounted the events of October 28, 2022, when he broke into the Pelosi residence in San Francisco.

DePape, 43, revealed he initially did not intend to harm Pelosi but ended up striking him on the head when Pelosi attempted to seize his hammer as police arrived. He expressed remorse, wishing he could apologize to Paul Pelosi in person. Despite his emotional testimony, DePape faces life imprisonment if convicted on federal charges, including attempted kidnapping of a federal official and assault with intent to retaliate against a federal official.

In his own testimony on Monday, Paul Pelosi, 83, described the terrifying moment of the attack. He detailed waking up to a large man holding a hammer and zip ties, and instantly recognizing the danger he was in. Pelosi, who had not activated their home’s security alarm, suffered a fractured skull and significant injuries to his arm and hands.

Federal prosecutors presented a scenario in which DePape forcefully entered the Pelosi home, confronting Paul Pelosi in his sleep. The violent encounter culminated in Paul Pelosi’s call to 911 and the arrival of police officers, who witnessed DePape strike Pelosi with the hammer, leaving him unconscious.

DePape’s testimony also touched on broader plans he had, which included a list of high-profile individuals like Rep. Adam Schiff, Tom Hanks, William Barr, Hunter Biden, and California Governor Gavin Newsom. He described his intention to confront Nancy Pelosi about corruption in Washington, D.C., and mentioned considering another target, a self-proclaimed ‘pedo-activist,’ before choosing the Pelosi residence.

He admitted that violence against Nancy Pelosi was a possibility he contemplated when breaking into the home, providing a chilling insight into his mindset during the attack.

Chris Morris
Author: Chris Morris

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