Suspect in Kidnapping of 9-Year-Old Charlotte Sena Caught After Leaving Ransom Note

New York authorities have made a significant breakthrough in the case of the missing 9-year-old girl, Charlotte Sena. A ransom note found in the Sena family’s mailbox led investigators to arrest suspect Craig Nelson Ross Jr., 47, and successfully reunite Charlotte with her family. The fingerprints left on the note played a crucial role in identifying Ross and locating him at a residence, where law enforcement found Charlotte hidden in a cabinet. The girl appeared physically unharmed and was taken to a hospital for examination.

Ross has been charged with first-degree kidnapping and is currently held without bail at the Saratoga County jail. The arrest brought relief to the community, with Governor Kathy Hochul expressing gratitude for the successful rescue operation.

Charlotte went missing during a family camping trip at Moreau Lake State Park on Saturday. A massive search effort involving multiple agencies, including the FBI and state police, was launched immediately. The discovery of the ransom note on Monday morning prompted investigators to analyze fingerprints and cell phone data, leading them to Ross as a suspect.

The investigation also involved analyzing cell phone pings and park records to gather additional information. These efforts culminated in the safe return of Charlotte to her family.

Charlotte’s parents reported her missing when her bike was found abandoned in the park loop. As the search expanded across several counties, authorities feared she had been abducted. The extensive search involved approximately 400 search and rescue personnel from various law enforcement agencies and volunteer groups.

Governor Hochul commended the dedication and teamwork displayed by all involved in the search and rescue operation. She acknowledged the fear and anguish experienced by Charlotte’s parents and expressed gratitude for the safe recovery of their daughter.

The arrest of the suspect and the safe return of Charlotte mark a significant development in the case, bringing relief to the community and highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in ensuring the safety of missing children.


Author: CrimeDoor

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