Suspect in Brooklyn Double Homicide Shot Dead by NYPD

Suspect in Brooklyn Double Homicide Shot Dead by NYPD

In the aftermath of a fatal shooting that claimed the lives of a father and his stepson in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, the primary suspect was gunned down by police on Wednesday. The NYPD identified the man as Jason Pass, 47, who encountered the police around 7:10 a.m. in Gravesend.

Police, acting on a lead regarding a license plate linked to Pass, engaged with him after he brandished a knife and began to flee. Despite officers’ efforts to negotiate for 15 minutes, urging him to drop the weapon, Pass charged at them. According to Chief of Patrol John Chell, the police had no alternative but to defend themselves, shooting Pass multiple times. He succumbed to his injuries at NYU Langone Hospital.

Earlier surveillance footage revealed Pass’s confrontation at the Flatbush Gardens complex, where he allegedly confronted neighbors over noise complaints, leading to the tragic shooting of Bladimy Mathurin, 47, and Mode Chinwai, 27.

The NYPD has lauded license plate reader technology for its role in locating Pass, underscoring its potential in safeguarding the community.

Lou Nightingale
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