Suspect Charged in State Fair Shooting Released Affidavit

Suspect Charged in State Fair Shooting Released Affidavit

Dallas police have released the affidavit for 22-year-old Cameron Alexander Turner, who has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault – serious bodily injury following a shooting at the State Fair of Texas. The incident occurred on Saturday night in the fair’s food court.

According to the affidavit, the arresting officer responded to an active shooter call at approximately 7:42 p.m. Witnesses described the suspect as wearing an orange hoodie and firing shots in the food court. Upon arrival, the officer was informed that three individuals had been shot and were transported to Baylor Hospital. Turner was apprehended at the scene.

Two witnesses confirmed seeing Turner shooting inside the food court. One witness stated that Turner fired three to four times, while the other witness saw Turner shooting and observed another man falling to the ground before Turner fled.

Turner was taken into custody by two state troopers and a Dallas police officer after attempting to flee the scene. A handgun was confiscated from him during the arrest.

During questioning, Turner claimed that he was trying to protect his family when he encountered “a group of big males.” He stated that he entered “defense mode” and fired three to four shots. Video footage reportedly shows Turner purchasing a water bottle alone in the food court, with men approaching him from a distance. One of the victims, Cade Kelly, is seen approaching Turner, after which Turner retrieves a handgun and shoots at Kelly. Two additional individuals, Stephen Wright and Andrea Silva, were also shot, but they did not witness who fired the shots.

Jeff Cotner, the fair’s director of security, expressed emotional distress over the incident and mentioned making subtle security changes since the shooting, including new fences at the main entrance and increased security personnel.

The fair still allows individuals with concealed carry permits to enter with firearms, although some fairgoers have raised concerns about how Turner managed to bring a gun onto the fairgrounds.

Fair attendees reported thorough security checks, including bag inspections and the use of metal detectors.


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