Suspect Arrested in Fremont Commercial Burglary

Suspect Arrested in Fremont Commercial Burglary

A man identified as 37-year-old Fremont resident Keb Hully was apprehended by the Fremont Police Department on March 8 for his alleged involvement in a commercial burglary. The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning at the intersection of Osgood Road and Washington Boulevard.

Upon receiving a report of a burglary in progress, Fremont police officers swiftly responded to the scene. The reporting party provided a description of the suspect and informed the authorities that he was still inside the building. In an effort to apprehend the suspect, officers established a partial containment around the premises. However, their progress was hindered by a locked gate that prevented immediate access to the rear of the property.

To aid in the containment efforts, the Fremont PD’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle team deployed a drone to monitor the back of the building. The drone operator observed the suspect fleeing from the premises and making his way towards an open area. The suspect then proceeded to run under an overpass, across train tracks, and into a nearby residential neighborhood.

As the suspect entered the residential area, officers successfully detained him. The individual was later identified as Keb Hully, a resident of Fremont. Hully was taken into custody and now faces charges of second-degree burglary and possession of burglary tools.

The swift response and coordinated efforts of the Fremont Police Department, including the utilization of drone technology, played a crucial role in the successful apprehension of the suspect. The investigation into the commercial burglary is ongoing, and authorities are working to gather further evidence related to the case.

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  1. The post reports that a man named Keb Hully, a resident of Fremont, was arrested by the Fremont Police Department on March 8 for his alleged participation in a commercial burglary.

    My insight: It is unfortunate to hear about incidents of burglary in our communities. It is important for law enforcement agencies to apprehend individuals involved in such crimes to ensure the safety and security of businesses and residents. Hopefully, this arrest will serve as a deterrent to others who may consider engaging in similar illegal activities

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