Suspect Arrested Following Burglary and Vandalism at Bentley’s Container Bar in Martinez

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Authorities in Martinez made a breakthrough in their investigation into the recent burglary and vandalism incident at Bentley’s Container Bar, the trendy new martini and cocktail bar in town. Just over 24 hours after its grand opening on July 28, an unfortunate turn of events unfolded as someone made off with approximately $10,000 worth of tools and caused extensive damage to the establishment.

Captured on surveillance footage by a neighboring brewery, the crime showcased a 65-year-old man engaged in the unlawful activities, leading to his subsequent arrest on August 2. Lieutenant Patrick Salamid of the Martinez Police Department confirmed the suspect now faces charges related to grand theft and vandalism, a development that left the community startled.

In the early hours of Sunday, July 30, the thief struck Bentley’s Container Bar, targeting both its outdoor patio and the adjacent Market & Main market hall. The surveillance video, shared by Five Suns Brewing, unfolded a scene of the suspect meticulously rummaging through the bar’s courtyard for approximately 40 minutes. During his spree, he made off with various tools and items, devastated plants, menus, and caused significant disruption by cutting the water line and Ethernet cable. The thief even managed to gain access to the inside courtyard, ultimately getting away with thousands of dollars worth of tools and supplies, according to one of the owners.

Located in the heart of downtown Martinez, just blocks away from the Contra Costa County courthouse and the local police department, Bentley’s Container Bar resides within a converted shipping container, forming part of Market & Main. It was established by Malena Clegg and Krystal Endsley, who, along with other merchants within the market hall, offer a diverse selection of food and beverages.

In response to this unfortunate incident, a GoFundMe campaign was launched by one of the owners to help recoup their losses. With a target to replace stolen tools and enhance security measures, the campaign has already received considerable support, having raised around $1,960 by August 2.

The Martinez Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau expressed their dismay, terming the incident a tragedy. Offering their unwavering support, they reassured the community that they are committed to helping Endsley and Clegg bounce back from this setback.

While this unfortunate occurrence cast a temporary shadow over the celebrations surrounding Bentley’s Container Bar, the resilient spirit of the Martinez community shines through. Rest assured that together, they will overcome this setback and emerge even stronger.

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