Suspect Arrested After Shots Fired on UC Berkeley Campus

Suspect Arrested After Shots Fired on UC Berkeley Campus

Police have apprehended a suspect following reports of shots fired on the UC Berkeley campus on Friday night. According to police radio communications, the arrest was made after multiple students claimed to have heard three or four gunshots near the MLK Student Union. Fortunately, there were no reported victims in the incident.

The Daily Californian, the student newspaper, confirmed the occurrence of gunshots at the MLK Student Union, stating that police were responding to the situation and had issued a shelter-in-place order. The publication also reported that authorities were searching for additional suspects, while one person had already been detained near the scene. The UC Police Department has yet to provide an official statement regarding the incident.

Video footage captured by an eyewitness at the MLK Student Union depicted a chaotic scene, with students running up a staircase in a state of panic. Shouts could be heard in the background, adding to the sense of urgency.

In response to the incident, the university sent out an email to students via its WarnMe platform, alerting them to a “violent crime” that had taken place on campus. The email, sent at 9:20 p.m., specified that the incident occurred at Lower Sproul Plaza and described it as an “aggravated assault.”

As the situation unfolded, police radio communications confirmed that it was “contained” and involved only one suspect. The swift response from law enforcement helped ensure the safety of the campus community.

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  1. This is absolutely outrageous and deeply concerning! How is it possible that shots were fired on a university campus? The fact that students and faculty had to endure such a terrifying and potentially life-threatening situation is completely unacceptable.

    It is the responsibility of the university and law enforcement to ensure the safety and security of everyone on campus. How did this suspect manage to bring a weapon onto the premises? What kind of security measures are in place to prevent such incidents from occurring?

    The UC Berkeley community deserves answers and immediate

  2. My personal goal related to this topic is to support and advocate for safer campuses and communities. I believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and secure in their educational environment. To achieve this, I plan to stay informed about campus safety measures and initiatives, participate in community discussions and meetings about crime prevention, and encourage open dialogue between students, faculty, and law enforcement. Additionally, I aim to promote awareness of mental health resources and support systems on campus, as addressing underlying issues can help prevent incidents like

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