Survivors Reflect on 30th Anniversary of LIRR Massacre

Survivors of the December 7, 1993 mass shooting on a Long Island Rail Road train are reflecting on the 30th anniversary of the tragic event. The shooting, known as the LIRR massacre, resulted in the deaths of six people and injuries to 19 others. Lisa Combatti, one of the survivors, expressed her aversion to Christmas lights as they serve as a reminder of the traumatic incident. Combatti, who was pregnant at the time, was struck in the hip during the shooting. Dennis McCarthy, husband of former Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, lost his life in the attack, while their son Kevin sustained life-altering injuries.

Colin Ferguson, the perpetrator of the shooting, was found guilty of six counts of murder and 19 counts of attempted murder. He is currently serving a 315-year prison sentence. Survivors like Debra Weber and Robert Giugliano have shared their experiences and the ongoing challenges they face in coping with the aftermath of the tragedy. Weber, who was hit three times during the shooting, continues to give talks about her journey to recovery. Giugliano, who witnessed the horrific events, emphasizes the importance of embracing life and cherishing each day.

The survivors have formed a close-knit community, supporting one another through their shared experiences. Carolyn McCarthy, who dedicated her political career to advocating for gun control, expressed frustration with the lack of meaningful action in preventing mass shootings. Despite battling cancer, McCarthy remains hopeful that change will come. On the anniversary of the LIRR massacre, survivors and relatives of the victims will gather to commemorate the lives lost and continue their fight for a safer society.


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