Surveillance Footage Shows Alleged Shoplifting Incident at Kroger Store

Surveillance Footage Shows Alleged Shoplifting Incident at Kroger Store

Newly released surveillance footage from inside a Kroger store in Cincinnati, Ohio, shows a 21-year-old woman, Ta’Kiya, allegedly shoplifting. The video, dated August 24, reveals Ta’Kiya browsing the liquor section, placing several bottles in her tote bag and shopping basket. She is then seen hiding the bottles in one of her bags while waiting in line at the cash register. Ta’Kiya exits the store with two other women, still holding the merchandise.

Contrary to a witness testimony claiming Ta’Kiya did not steal from the store, the surveillance footage appears to show her engaging in shoplifting activities. Attorney Sean Walton argues that the police response to the alleged theft was disproportionate, stating that “petty theft does not justify murder and is not the rule of law in this country.”

According to the police, two officers were assisting a driver locked out of their car in the Kroger parking lot when a store employee accused Ta’Kiya of stealing alcohol. When one of the officers approached her, she was inside her vehicle and allegedly drove her car into the officer. In response, the officer fired his weapon through the windshield, shooting Ta’Kiya. Chief Belford acknowledged that Officer Connor Grubb acted against department policy by drawing his firearm.

Body camera footage from the officers shows them approaching Ta’Kiya’s vehicle. The officer on the driver’s side instructs her to get out, informing her of the theft accusation. Ta’Kiya denies stealing but mentions seeing other girls taking merchandise. As Ta’Kiya attempts to drive away, the officer in front of her vehicle draws his weapon. A shot is fired, but the impact is not captured in the video.

The incident has sparked controversy, with Ta’Kiya’s family attorneys claiming her death was avoidable and a misuse of power. They also highlight the loss of Ta’Kiya’s unborn child in the incident. The two officers involved have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.


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