Subway Crime Soars by 20% in First Two Months of 2024, Prompting NYPD to Implement 12-Hour Tours

Subway crime in New York City has experienced a significant surge, with a nearly 20% increase in the first two months of 2024 compared to the same period last year, according to recently released statistics from the NYPD. The rise in crime has been primarily driven by substantial increases in grand larcenies, felony assaults, and robberies.

Mayor Eric Adams has attributed the growing crime wave to the city’s rollback of its subway safety plan, which had previously flooded the underground with police officers in 2022. Adams emphasized the positive impact of increased police presence, stating that the “omnipresent” concept had yielded remarkable results. However, due to financial constraints, the number of officers had to be scaled back.

To combat the escalating crime rates, Mayor Adams announced that the NYPD would swiftly transition to 12-hour tours. He emphasized the importance of visibility, with officers actively patrolling trains, platforms, and engaging with commuters to identify areas of criminal activity.

The statistics from the Feb. 18 CompStat report reveal that five out of six crime categories, including murder, robbery, felony assault, burglary, and grand larceny, have witnessed an increase year-to-date. Notably, the number of reported rapes has decreased from one last year to none this year. Grand larcenies have surged by 22%, reaching 155 incidents compared to 127 during the same six-week period in 2023. Felony assaults have risen by 17%, with 82 cases reported this year compared to 70 last year. Robberies have also seen a 12% increase, with 75 incidents recorded, up from 67 in 2023. Two murders have occurred on the subway system in 2024, compared to one at this point last year. Additionally, the number of shooting victims has risen to seven from just one in 2023, following a shootout at a Bronx subway station earlier this month.

The overall crime increase stands at approximately 18.3%, with 317 reported incidents compared to 268 during the same period last year. However, the report also highlights a rise in arrests. The NYPD has made 2,585 arrests in the subways so far in 2024, a 44% increase from the 1,792 arrests made last year. Among these arrests, 504 are felony arrests, up from 452 in 2023.

Mayor Adams expressed his intention to collaborate with the transit authority and the governor’s office to secure additional support, including overtime for officers. The urgency to address subway safety was underscored by Station Agent Noreen Mallory, who shared her harrowing experience of a brutal assault that occurred on the Wall Street Station platform. Mallory, who woke up a sleeping customer, was met with immediate anger and was eventually punched in the face, resulting in a broken eye socket. She emphasized the chronic verbal abuse faced by station agents and called for safety to be prioritized.

The incident serves as a reminder of the vulnerability felt by subway employees and highlights the need for enhanced security measures. Mallory urged readers to consider the potential consequences if a paying customer were to face a similar assault, emphasizing that station agents are there to assist all New Yorkers and tourists alike.

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  1. While it is concerning to see an increase in subway crime, it is important to consider the broader context before jumping to conclusions. Firstly, comparing the first two months of 2024 to the same period last year may not provide an accurate representation of the overall trend. Crime rates can fluctuate from month to month, and it would be more informative to analyze the data over a longer period of time.

    Additionally, it is crucial to consider the factors that may contribute to the increase in subway crime. Economic

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