Subway Conductor Feels Unsafe After Passenger Shot in Head on Packed Brooklyn Train

Subway Conductor Feels Unsafe After Passenger Shot in Head on Packed Brooklyn Train

A subway conductor, Fred Reeves, who was at the helm of a packed Brooklyn train during a rush-hour attack, has expressed his concerns about safety on the job. Reeves, also known as rapper “Doc Ice” from legendary Brooklyn hip-hop groups UTFO and Whodini, recounted the harrowing incident that unfolded on an express A train as it arrived at the Hoyt-Schermerhorn streets station.

The chaotic clash between two subway riders, Younece Obuad and DaJuan Robinson, escalated to gunfire, leaving Robinson critically injured. The altercation began when Robinson, armed with a gun, initiated a fight with Obuad, wrongly accusing him of being a migrant. Video footage shows a woman, believed to be Obuad’s girlfriend, stabbing Robinson in the back. In the ensuing struggle, Obuad managed to wrestle the gun away and shot Robinson four times.

As distressed passengers rushed towards Reeves’ car, he immediately sprang into action, trying to maintain calm and prevent panic. Reeves, who started working as a subway conductor in 2018, advised riders not to pull the emergency brake, assuring them that the police would be present at the station. However, moments later, multiple shots rang out as the train pulled into the station, leaving Reeves shellshocked.

Reeves, a married father of six, expressed his fear and vulnerability, stating that he no longer feels safe on the job. He emphasized that the subway is not a secure environment, especially for conductors who are at the center of everything. Reeves called for increased police presence in the subways, suggesting that their visible presence would deter potential perpetrators.

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