Substitute Teacher Removed from California Classroom for Viewing Inappropriate Images in Front of Elementary Students

A substitute teacher in West Covina, California, was promptly removed from his classroom after exposing elementary students to inappropriate images, causing distress and tears among the young students. The incident occurred on Friday morning, before a concerned parent contacted Cameron Elementary School, seeking answers as to why her child had called her in a state of distress. Principal Slyvia Fullerton, upon investigating the matter, discovered several students in tears, as confirmed by West Covina Unified School District Superintendent Emy Flores in a statement released on Sunday.

The substitute teacher, whose identity has not been disclosed, was immediately instructed to leave the classroom while Principal Fullerton attempted to console the traumatized children. Eventually, the students were taken to the on-site Mental Wellness Room for further support. Disturbed parents informed NBC 4 that their children reported witnessing the substitute teacher viewing explicit images on his phone, which were openly displayed within the students’ line of sight. Some students felt so uncomfortable that they huddled together in a corner, while others claimed the teacher denied them permission to use the restroom.

Upon learning of the incident, Superintendent Flores promptly notified district administrators, Child Protective Services, and local law enforcement, who are currently investigating the allegations. As of now, no arrests have been made, but the West Covina Police Department assured the community that they are treating the matter with utmost seriousness and conducting a thorough investigation.

It is worth noting that the substitute teacher had successfully passed a rigorous background check, with no prior red flags raised to district officials. In response to the incident, dozens of parents staged a protest outside the elementary school, demanding the immediate arrest of the substitute teacher. One parent, Stacy Mathews, expressed her daughter’s fear that the teacher might return and retaliate against the students for reporting the incident.

Author: CrimeDoor

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