String of Car Thefts and Break-Ins Prompt Police Warning in Haverford Township

String of Car Thefts and Break-Ins Prompt Police Warning in Haverford Township

Haverford Township, Pennsylvania – Haverford Township residents have been urged by local police to take precautions following a series of car thefts and break-ins that occurred in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The incidents have raised concerns as stolen vehicles are sometimes used in criminal activities, and valuable items, including weapons, have been reported missing from targeted cars.

Haverford Police Chief John Viola emphasized the importance of securing vehicles, repeatedly urging residents to lock their cars. Surveillance footage from a Ring doorbell camera captured a white SUV slowly cruising down Maryland Avenue around 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday. The vehicle appeared to be tailing a group of four individuals who were seen attempting to open car doors along the street.

Chief Viola explained that the perpetrators would systematically check door handles until they found an unlocked vehicle. If the keys were accessible, they would often steal the car outright. In cases where no keys were present, the thieves would rummage through the cars in search of valuables. One victim, identified only as Kathy, admitted that her car was unlocked, although no valuable items were inside. Nevertheless, the thieves left a mess behind, having rifled through her glove compartment and scattered face masks throughout the vehicle.

Haverford Township police reported a total of three stolen cars and five break-ins. Authorities managed to apprehend 19-year-old Mekhi Solomon after spotting him inside one of the stolen vehicles in North Philadelphia. Another stolen vehicle was recovered in Elkins Park, while the third remains missing.

Andy McCallum, a resident of Harrington Road, shared his own experience of falling victim to car theft. Approximately three weeks ago, thieves made off with thousands of tools from his work van, which was parked on the street in front of his home. McCallum’s Nest doorbell camera captured the incident, leaving him feeling violated and unable to sleep that night.

Chief Viola expressed his disappointment, noting that similar incidents have been occurring in neighboring suburban areas. However, the common thread among the Haverford cases is that all the targeted vehicles were left unlocked. Police emphasized the importance of residents securing their cars to deter potential thieves.

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