Stolen Ferrari of F1 Legend Gerhard Berger Recovered After Nearly 30 Years

British police have successfully recovered a rare Ferrari stolen from Austrian Formula One driver Gerhard Berger nearly three decades ago. The red Ferrari F512M, valued at approximately £350,000 ($444,000), disappeared in April 1995 while Berger attended the San Marino Grand Prix in Imola, Italy. This vehicle was one of two sports cars reported stolen during the event, sparking a long-unresolved mystery.

The breakthrough came when the Metropolitan Police were alerted by Ferrari in January that a vehicle, being brokered for sale to a U.S. buyer in the UK, had been identified as stolen. The force’s Organized Vehicle Crime Unit investigation revealed the car had been imported from Japan to Britain in late 2023. Through diligent efforts, including international cooperation with authorities and partnerships with Ferrari and car dealerships, the police seized the car before it could be sold.

Constable Mike Pilbeam highlighted the exhaustive nature of the investigation, emphasizing the key role of collaboration with the National Crime Agency, Ferrari, and international car dealerships in tracing the vehicle’s history and preventing its sale abroad. Despite the successful recovery of Berger’s Ferrari, no arrests have been made in connection to the theft, and the second stolen Ferrari remains missing.

The Ferrari F512M, produced by Ferrari between 1994 and 1996, is a highly sought-after model with only 501 units manufactured. It boasts a top speed of 315 kilometers per hour (196 miles per hour), making it a prized possession for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Berger, a 10-time Grand Prix winner, had seen his cherished car driven away by the thief in 1995 and attempted a futile chase, marking the beginning of a long period of uncertainty over the fate of his stolen vehicle.

This remarkable recovery underscores the enduring challenge of tracking stolen high-value cars and the importance of international cooperation in solving such cases. The return of Berger’s Ferrari, nearly three decades after its theft, serves as a testament to the persistence of law enforcement agencies and their commitment to reuniting owners with their lost treasures.

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  1. It’s incredible to see that the British police were able to recover a stolen Ferrari after almost three decades. This case highlights the importance of international collaboration and the use of advanced technology in solving crimes.

    One unique solution to prevent car thefts, especially of rare and valuable vehicles, could be the implementation of blockchain technology. By creating a decentralized and transparent system, blockchain can provide a secure and immutable record of ownership for each vehicle. This would make it extremely difficult for thieves to sell or transfer stolen cars without

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