Staten Island Man Found Dead Behind Pizzeria After Being Wheelchaired by Neighbor

Staten Island Man Found Dead Behind Pizzeria After Being Wheelchaired by Neighbor

A tragic incident unfolded in Staten Island, New York, as a man was found dead behind a local pizzeria after being wheeled there by a neighbor. The victim, identified as Julio Morocho, 34, was discovered on Sunday morning by an employee of the pizza restaurant. The circumstances surrounding Morocho’s death remain under investigation, with an autopsy pending.

According to John Young, a neighbor who claims to have witnessed the events leading up to the tragedy, Morocho was heavily intoxicated and lying on his driveway in the early hours of Sunday. Young’s daughter, who is a nurse, checked Morocho’s vitals and reported that he was inebriated and repeatedly requested assistance to reach the nearby pizza joint.

Young stated, “You could smell the booze. It’s coming through his skin. He kept saying he just needed help getting up. I could hear the guy saying, ‘Just help me up, just help me up. Just get me near the pizza shop. I’m not hurt.’ When I got here I saw them going down the block. He was hissy-pissy drunk.”

Surveillance footage reviewed by law enforcement sources revealed that Young and another individual were seen wheeling Morocho to the pizzeria around 2 a.m. on Sunday. However, no charges have been filed in connection with the incident.

Morocho, originally from Ecuador, had recently moved to the neighborhood. The area reportedly includes a gathering spot for illegal day laborers, which has raised concerns among some residents. Complaints have been made about stolen property, loud music, and individuals trespassing into others’ yards.

Mario Buonviaggio, head of the Port Richmond Shore Alliance, a local civic association, described the house where Morocho resided as a problematic address. He mentioned that people seeking work often congregate in the vicinity, and if they are unsuccessful, they may visit the nearby bodega for coffee, which sometimes leads to alcohol consumption and loitering.

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