State Street Reopens After Investigation of Suspicious Pickup

State Street in Salt Lake City has been reopened in both directions after a thorough investigation into a suspicious circumstance involving a pickup truck. The road closure, spanning from 800 South to 900 South, was prompted by the discovery of several jars containing potentially flammable liquids.

According to a statement released by the Salt Lake City Police Department (SLCPD) on Saturday night, detectives found the jars and promptly secured them. The investigation began after officers conducted a routine traffic stop on the pickup truck around 5 p.m. that evening. During the stop, officers noticed the presence of multiple jars filled with an unknown liquid, leading to concerns about potential hazards.

In response to the situation, SLCPD’s Hazardous Devices Unit was called to the scene. This specialized unit, equipped to handle potentially explosive materials, worked alongside crews from to ensure public safety. As a precautionary measure, two nearby businesses were evacuated while the investigation unfolded.

While the contents of the jars are still under investigation, SLCPD spokesperson Brent Weisberg revealed that the driver’s statements raised suspicions of explosive materials or components. Weisberg emphasized that there is no indication of a bomb being present at the scene, but the seriousness of the situation warranted a thorough investigation.

Following the conclusion of the on-scene investigation, State Street was reopened to the public. However, officers are continuing their follow-up investigation, and Weisberg stated that felony charges are expected to be filed against the individual involved.

Author: CrimeDoor

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