Stadium Scandal Shocks Fans: Young Employee Charged with Bribery at High-Profile Cowboys-Eagles Clash

At the highly anticipated Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles game, a 19-year-old AT&T Stadium employee has been charged with commercial bribery. Identified as Diego Soto, the individual reportedly allowed fans without tickets to enter the stadium in exchange for money. This incident has raised questions about security protocols at major sporting events.

According to police reports, Soto, a contracted stadium employee, confessed to accepting money in return for unauthorized entry. The charge of commercial bribery he faces is a serious offense under Texas law, categorized as a state jail felony. Following his arrest, Soto’s bond was set at $1,500.

The incident took place during a game where standing-room-only tickets were being sold at prices as high as $200, highlighting the demand and value associated with this event. The game ended with the Dallas Cowboys securing a decisive 33-13 victory over the Eagles, propelling them to the top of the NFC East standings.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott’s performance in the game was notably impactful, with team owner Jerry Jones commenting on his ability to perform in high-stakes situations. This statement from Jones came amidst ongoing discussions about Prescott’s playoff capabilities.

Additional reports from WFAA, an ABC affiliate, noted that the Arlington police responded to 90 calls for various incidents around the stadium during the game. These ranged from parking violations to disturbances and fights. However, most of these incidents did not lead to official reports or arrests. The police did make two arrests for public intoxication and one for outstanding warrants.

This incident at AT&T Stadium has become a focal point for discussions on stadium security and the handling of high-demand sporting events, reflecting the challenges faced in managing large-scale public gatherings.

Author: CrimeDoor

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